Frequently Asked Questions

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1.Why should I order from your panel?
We offer services at the cheapest price and our support team will help you overcome troubles and have a nice buy. We have a GUI dashboard for each user from where you can track the orders with ease.                                

2. Is there a Wallet?
Yes, our panel is integrated with wallet feature. Once deposited, the amount will be available via wallet, which can be used anytime for ordering new services.

3. How to deposit money?
We accept a variety of payment options like Paypal, Scrill, VISA, BHIM, Paytm and Bitcoin.

4. How can I order?
Once deposited, go to orders page and choose the service you wanted. Enter the details required and confirm below.

4. Can I track the order?
Yes, you can from your dashboard.

4. What is mass order?
In mass order, you can order a variety of services for multiple URLs with variable quantity. For eg, if you have requirement for facebook services and instagram services at the same time, use this section.

4. What is drip feed?
If you want your likes/views in the flow of time not like a one off, use this feature. For eg, if you need 100 likes, you have to enter "run" and "interval", then likes will be added every "x" interval with "x"runs.

8. How to place drip feed order?
There is a check box named "drip feed" when you order. Check this to enable drip feed.

9. What is partial status?
Sometimes, the order is half completed and stuck. In that case, partial amount is refunded automatically and status is changed to "Partial"

10. Shall I order elsewhere, when there is a pending order?
Strictly No. When you have a pending order in our panel, you should not order anywhere.

11. Shall I ask for refund?
When the order is not completed, you can raise a ticked asking for refund.